[2022-06-19] We won the 5th place of Video object segmentation in The 4th Large-scale Video Object Segmentation Challenge (Youtube-VOS).

[2021-10-14] Code for IJCAI'21 SGNet are released [Code].

[2021-10-14] Code for T-IP'21 PurNet are released [Code].

[2021-10-13] Dataset and code for ICME'21 task-driven SOD (TSOD) are released [Project].

[2021-07-04] One paper on foreground object segmentation is accepted by T-IP 2021.

[2021-04-30] One paper on lane detection is accepted by IJCAI 2021.

[2021-03-06] One paper on task-driven SOD is accepted as oral paper by ICME 2021.

[2020-02-17] I join Meituan as an algorithm engineer.

[2019-12-10] I pass my Master Dissertation defense.

[2019-11-19] One paper on 360$^\circ$ SOD is accepted by J-STSP 2020.

[2019-07-22] One paper on boundary-aware SOD is accepted by ICCV 2019.


I currently work as an algorithm engineer at Meituan.

I am broadly interested in solving real-world visual understanding problems with optimization/learning-based algorithms. Recently, I focus on developing learning and optimization frameworks for scene understanding and 3D Reconstruction.

I obtained my Master's degree (CS) in State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems, SCSE, Beihang University (BUAA), adviced by Prof. Jia Li [CVTEAM], in Jan. 2020. From 2018 to 2019, I worked as research assistant at Peng Cheng Laboratory with Dr. Changqun Xia. Before that, I received Bachelor's degree (CS) from SCSE, Northeastern University (NEU), in Jul. 2017.

This is my [CV].

Research Interest

Technical Report [Google Scholar]

5th Place Solution for YouTube-VOS Challenge 2022: Video Object Segmentation.

Wangwang Yang*, Jinming Su*, Yiting Duan, Tingyi Guo and Junfeng Luo

InsCon:Instance Consistency Feature Representation via Self-Supervised Learning.

Junwei Yang, Ke Zhang, Zhaolin Cui, Jinming Su, Junfeng Luo and Xiaolin Wei

Exploring Reciprocal Attention for Salient Object Detection by Cooperative Learning.

Changqun Xia, Jia Li, Jinming Su and Yonghong Tian.

Learning a saliency evaluation metric using crowdsourced perceptual judgments.

Changqun Xia, Jia Li, Jinming Su and Ali Borji.

A Novel Method for Video Semantic Segmentation.

A Novel Method for Instance Segmentation.

A Big Dataset and Novel Method for 360$^\circ$ SOD.

Publications [Google Scholar]

Salient Object Detection with Purificatory Mechanism and Structural Similarity Loss.

Jia Li, Jinming Su, Mingcan, Ma, Changqun Xia and Yonghong Tian.
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (T-IP), 30, pp.6855-6868, 2021. [PDF] [arXiv] [Github]

Structure Guided Lane Detection.

Jinming Su, Chao Chen, Ke Zhang, Junfeng Luo, Xiaoming Wei and Xiaolin Wei.
International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), 2021. [arXiv] [中文解读] [Github]

Exploring Driving-aware Salient Object Detection via Knowledge Transfer.

Jinming Su, Changqun Xia and Jia Li.
IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME), 2021. (oral) [PDF] [arXiv] [Project]

Distortion-adaptive Salient Object Detection in 360$^\circ$ Omnidirectional Images.

Jia Li, Jinming Su, Changqun Xia and Yonghong Tian.
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing (J-STSP), 14(1), pp.38-48, 2020. [PDF] [Arxiv] [Project]

Selectivity or Invariance: Boundary-aware Salient Object Detection.

Jinming Su, Jia Li, Yu Zhang, Changqun Xia and Yonghong Tian.
IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019. [PDF] [Project]

Patents [SooPAT]


I specialize in computer vision with deep/machine learning learning. In addition, I am interested in some engineering practices, especially some open source projects related to deep/machine learning. Moreover, I am also interested in basic computer algorithm, such as data structure, program optimization, etc.

Selected Honors

Services and Activities